Jatinder is an actor and theatre maker born and based in Glasgow. He graduated from New College Lanarkshire’s BA Acting programme in 2017 and is represented by Coulter Management http://www.coultermanagement.com/.

Jatinder's professional credits include: CINDERELLA – Citizens Theatre [dir. Dominic Hill], THE ARRIVAL – Solar Bear [dir. Jonathan Lloyd], SNOWFLAKE – Scottish Drama Training Network, Edinburgh Fringe [dir. Mark Thomson]. Jatinder has appeared in SCOT SQUAD [BBC] and script development with the Tron Theatre Glasgow and Royal Lyceum Edinburgh.

Jatinder’s affiliation with PCS has allowed him to expand his interests into creating theatre, as well as performing. He is strongly influenced by English companies Tara Arts, Tamasha and Kiln Theatre, and wishes to emulate these companies' performance ethos in his work in Scotland – contributing to a new movement for greater equality on and off stage. Jatinder is inspired by and wishes to fight for those who come from a similar background in his art – working class artists who's voices are seldom heard and BAME stories. Jatinder is interested in autobiographical performance, inspired by his Indian heritage and wants to create theatre that anyone from any creed, belief and background can enjoy. He wants to build bridges between communitie, creating a larger understanding and respect of each other’s cultures.

PCS CREDITS: Lab 1 and 2 Artist