Our aim is to create a programme that bridges the gap between youth arts / outreach work, professional training and the production of professional standard theatre. We firmly believe that confidence in your art always stems from confidence in yourself, and understanding what the context of you and your art is… in the wider world. Our mentoring programme, devised with Clara Bloomfield aims to help step-up our young artists into the next phase of their careers…

10 young artists are matched with 10 experienced professional theatre makers, each working within the “ideal” job that the young artist has identified… The mentor and mentee receive expert training and draw up a Behavioural Boundaries Bond… and over the next 8 months the pairing meet 3 times… finally all 20 artists come together for an evaluative session.

Each meeting will be a safe space where our young artist can discuss their career progress and aspirations. The mentor listens, comforts and offers advice and support, and hopefully some ideas for practical ways to help our young artists step-up their current practice, closer to their goal in the arts industry.

If you’re a young theatre artist based in Dumfries and Galloway and you want to join the 2019/20 cohort of Mentees, email our Artistic Director Drew